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May 2016

This website is revised with more recent and new stuff - Original site is here

Date (New Items) Description
May 2016




Intro to BG - Small App tutorial.

HTML5 Builder

Intro to HTML5 Builder - Client Web Apps, Server Web Apps and Client Mobile Apps described.

Apps To Go

Prototype Web apps each with code ready as working examples and available with all downloads to adapt for requirements.

Legacy Workgroup Calendar

Calendar linked to editor for diary entries sharing between authorised users.

Legacy Opinion Surveys App

Credit card style of opinion survey for restaurants etc. Nearly production ready, with survey results web service.

Legacy Units Conversion

A different take on converting units of measurement of different physical quantities - Javascript - technique for calling XMLHttpRequest successively.

Legacy Geometry App

Part demo of HTML5 and SVG. Rapid method for graphical web apps.

Legacy Pet Listings for Mobile

Part demo of HTML5 and jQueryMobile - Collapsible Set with Lists.

Web Services using REST

Separate examples of REST server and clients using D4PHP and Delphi Win32:
  • Web Service using Zend/Rest/Server.php;
  • Client Web app using Zend/Rest/Client.php - This app is online;
  • Client desktop app working with the Zend Web Service;
  • Client Web app (two versions, one using Xajax) accessing the Definitions service from - This app is online;
  • Client Web app accessing Weather Reports from World Weather Online - This app is online.
Each of these legaacy programming samples is in Downloads, with all source code and program notes.

Scalable Vector Graphics - SVG

SVG for the Web, with and without PHP.

Legacy PHP-SVG Egg Shape

Commencing with Sketsa SVG Editor to produce engineering drawing of egg shape. Then small Web graphics app to calculate and modify SVG diagram of egg shape. Try the app online and download description and source code.

Legacy PHP-SVG Catenary

Catenary graphical Web app - to calculate length of catenary - try online and download. Also in downloads are Template files for purpose of rapidly publishing similar SVG apps using Xajax.

Legacy SVG GUI Controls

Client side controls (buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists, etc.) using SVG and Javascript. Try online and download.

Legacy SVG Moving Diagram

Sample SVG slider crank mechanism. Probably useful method for many Web apps. Try online and download.
May 2016


Online SVG-Edit with sample from IAN symbol library and references.

SVG for Responsive Web Apps

Apps for mobile respond (adjust) to screen size.

Scripting SVG View Box

For interactive web apps.

Web page In-Place Editing

Legacy InnovaStudio Fast Editor, online demo Web page with in-place editing of sections available by clicking pencil icon (as in Joomla, where pencil icons appear adjacent to articles when users logged in). Downloadable demo has working Save Button on the page so that edits effect permanent change of content. Get InnovaStudio Fast Editor from Downloads.

Legacy Access Control

Basic Authentication
HTTP Authentication using D4PHP BasicAuthentication non-visual component. Probably suitable for in-house server. In Downloads: file.
PEAR Access Control
Trial web page login online. All source files and program notes in Downloads. Article 'Fixing up PEAR on 1and1' (Linux 1&1 Standard hosting).
ZEND Access Control
Trial web page login online. All source files and program notes in Downloads. Uses D4PHP Zend components. Article 'Enabling Delphi PHP Zend Components on 1and1' deals with arrangements for Delphi PHP Zend components to run with 1and1 Standard hosting Zend framework.
May 2016

Delphi Win32

  Learn Programming using Pascal/Lazarus/Delphi. Procedural programming.
Event-driven programming (with records/classes/objects). Get downloads of Lazarus demo triangle graphics program and Delphi sample program - moving elevator.
Get list of Delphi books.
Download PDFs: Pascal/Lazarus and Delphi programming.


Coverage of Delphi VCL components for Windows replaceable by Intraweb components for the Web. Also getting Intraweb demos and fixing the Features demo. And getting Intraweb Help in Delphi docs.
Links to downloads of Intraweb manual and 'Intraweb Spellbook'.
Intraweb (IW) Application Server used to publish Delphi Windows program with IW components for the Web. Download of this Delphi VCL for the Web graphics (triangle geometry) application - can run the IWTriangleApp server on local machine. Also there is description of running on EC2 (cloud) server -  Windows program in Web browser at any location.

GO-Global® for Windows

GO-Global for Windows (GGW) enables publishing on Web any Windows desktop program(s) using host (server) software and client software or browser plugin on users' machines - different client software for platform in use, including iPad and Android.
Unsupported GGW Host Personal Edition software (host and client) is available for download.
There is description of running GGW Application Server on EC2 (cloud) instance of Windows Server 2003, using Remote Desktop to control GGW and administer access rights, and publishing on the Web a legacy Windows (.exe) program.

Amazon EC2

Using Amazon EC2 console is described with procedure (as carried out at that time)  to access cloud server using Remote Desktop so as to run the Intraweb and GO-Global application servers on EC2.