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Jun 2016

Delphi PHP Deployment

Legacy Embarcadero PHP project files require Delphi visual component libraries - either VCL (Visual Component Library for RadPHP) or RPCL (Rad PHP Component Library for HTML5 Builder). Both VCL and RPCL libraries are available in these Downloads with intention of uploading to server root for deployment. Then there is available download of patch files (zipped, with notes), to be placed in project folders off the server root, so that required library is addressed. Working examples on this website generally employ this scheme with VCL/RPCL in server root so as to avoid having multiple copies in different project folders.
The Delphi PHP project source files are available for download in case of use to developers who do have Delphi for PHP/HTML5 Builder. But this is PHP programming - the Delphi component libraries are for the UI, there is no Delphi language involved. Downloads of source files should be useful without Delphi by providing code for reference that may be used in new projects not using Delphi developed UI.


  1. Downloads of source files - Delphi for PHP, RadPHP, HTML5 Builder - Generally require component library files available in separate downloads under 'Delphi PHP Programming' below.
  2. Download material here is all to do with demo software, as guidance for development work, responsibility of the user.
  3. Downloads are logged, including IP addresses for recognition. Email addresses (in Contact Form) are not logged, just used for replies.
HTML5 Builder Web Standards Apps  
Pet Lists for Mobile Zip file - All folders and files - Demo of HTML5 Builder jQueryMobile - Collapsible set with Lists.
Geometry App Zip file - All folders and files - Geometry App demo of HTML5 Builder and SVG
Trial Opinion Survey Zip file - All source and program notes for opinion survey mobile app
Trial Workgroup Calendar Zip file - All source and program notes for workgroup calendar app
Demo Units Conversion Zip file - HTML app and web service for AJAX version of Unit Conversions
Demo 'LineChange' mobile apps Zip file - All source and program notes for LineChange1 and LineChange2 apps
BlueGriffon Apps  
Demo 'LineChange' mobile app Zip file - BlueGriffon produced HTML5.
REST Web Services  
Units Conversion Web service
Units Conversion Web client
Units Conversion Desktop client
Zip files include program notes and desktop client .exe - Demo PHP uses Zend REST Server and Client. Delphi (Win32) client works with same PHP web server.
AbbreviationsDotCom Clients PHP clients (one using Xajax) for REST services. PHP5 code - requires no built-in extensions. Zip file with program notes.
World Weather Online Client PHP client for REST Weather API. PHP5 code - requires no built-in extensions. Zip file with program notes.
Pascal/Lazarus Programming  
Free Pascal User Guide
Start Programming Using Pascal
Free Pascal from Square One
PDF's in support of learning.
Essential Pascal PDF Marco Cantu.
Pascal Programming UK schools exams board (AQA) recommended website.
Delphi Windows Programming  
Delphi Land
Delphi Basics
UK schools exams board (AQA) recommended websites.
Essential Delphi PDF Marco Cantu.
Component Writers Guide
Delphi Language Guide
Developers Guide
PDF's from Borland Delphi 7 Companion Tools CD
Mastering Delphi 7 By Marco Cantu - eBook PDF (1000+ pages)
Object Pascal Handbook By Marco Cantu - eBook PDF (333 pages)
Delphi 2007 Handbook By Marco Cantu - 250 page pdf. Comprehensive Delphi coverage, essential stuff (?)
Delphi 2009 Handbook By Marco Cantu - 400 page pdf. All to do with new stuff in Delphi 2009: Unicode strings, Generics, Anonymous Methods (big business methods).
VCL for the Web Delphi XE Intraweb XI Development - Bob Swart
IntraWeb Manual Atozed software, 143 page pdf, year 2004 copy (only available) - For latest online, download from
IntraWeb Triangle App Source ZIP file - D2009 Pro source code for standalone IW app (used for EC2 trial). Includes compiled IWTriangleApp.exe (IW server). Includes IW app program notes PDF.
IW Triangle App - Notes PDF Notes to accompany IntraWeb Triangle App Source
Elevator Prog ZIP file - Delphi (D2009) project file (all source files) and program notes - Demo event-driven motion of building elevator, modeled using Delphi advanced Records as real-world objects.
GO-Global® for Windows Zip file - Windows installer ggwpe.exe and graphon_gg4_personal_ed_pr_18oct10.pdf
Delphi PHP Programming  
Xajax and D4PHP ZIP file - Gives PHP files for D4PHP programs to work with upgraded Xajax (not Delphi built-in version) enabling Javascript execution upon ajax calls returning results from server.
RAD PHP Component Library (RPCL) Library files and folders from C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\HTML5 Builder\5.0\rpcl -- RPCL folder to be placed in root directory of server. See under heading 'Delphi PHP Deployment'.
D4PHP Visual Component Library (VCL) Library files and folders from C:\Program Files\CodeGear\Delphi for PHP\2.0\vcl -- VCL folder to be placed in root directory of server. See under heading 'Delphi PHP Deployment'.
VCL Sample - Templated Form Zip file - Shows web page with small Web app (UK lottery numbers) as part of content.
Simple Access Control Zip file - D4PHP Basic Authentication source files and program notes.
PEAR Authentication Zip file - Access control with PEAR - All source files, with password file and program notes.
ZEND Authentication Zip file - Password protection with ZEND - All source files, with password file and program notes.
VCL Sample - Webpage Inline Edits Zip file - Web page content management using InnovaStudio Fast Editor.
Delphi for PHP Users Guide PDF - Delphi for PHP 1.0 from CodeGear (2007).
Introducing Delphi for PHP 2.0 PDF - Delphi for PHP 2.0 from Embarcadero (2009). All up-front features of new version.
PHP 5 Power Programming PDF - More then 700 pages quality content.
Learn SVG eBook Zip file - Twelve chapters, three appendices and illustrated throughout - Copious SVG content from
SVG Tutorials Zip file - SVG Tutorials 1, 2 & 3 for IE7+. Latest updates - Go to
PHP SVG 'Egg Shape' Example Zip file - Web app with D4PHP VCL controls (edit boxes, buttons etc.) in one frame and SVG diagram, responding to controls, in other frame. Zip file includes PDF's detailing the app and covering scheme for mapping screen coordinates.
PHP SVG 'Catenary' Example
PHP SVG Template files
Zip files - PHP SVG Catenary App, similar to EggShape but using Xajax. And source files to act as template for D4PHP SVG Web apps using Xajax.
SVG & Javascript  
SVG GUI Demo Zip file - Demo SVG GUI components from with potential to build interactive client-side Web apps.
SVG Moving Diagram Zip file - SVG diagram (slider-crank mech) - Javascript runs loop successively changing position coords.
Xara Designer Zip file - Xara (.xar) drawing file with Xara SVG exported (.svg) file
MS Silverlight  
D4PHP and Silverlight interactive diagram Zip file includes prognotes.rtf - Uses Xajax to return calculated coords from server, in response to user inputs, and, on return, to invoke Javascript to modify Silverlight diagram.
Java Web Start  
Netbeans 2D Drawing - Triangle App Zip file contains project folder to open in NetBeans IDE 7.0. Run app locally and distribute app for Java Web Start.
Free eBooks - Computing  
E-Books Directory Essentially useful - Programming section includes Delphi, Pascal, Java, JavaScript, PHP.
Online Computer Books Looks good for Java, C#, XML, MySQL, JavaScript
C-Sharp Tutorial Unzip to some folder and open index.html in browser


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